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Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is all about wagering on tennis matches. It is a great and an athletic sport that one can play. Tennis is exciting, and many SA players enjoy playing the sport. But, South Africans do not need to play the sport in order to enjoy it.  Players can bet on the sport, even when they are watching it from home. We at South African Casino Site have compiled a guide on Tennis betting. Read on and learn about this type of sports betting and how exciting it is.

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SA tennis fans can place their bets or rather play their tennis betting at the following sites

  • SunBet
  • ClickaBet
  • Interbet
  • Sportingbet

How to Make a Bet

Check out the steps on how to make a bet on tennis below.

  • Choose a game that you would like to bet on
  • Then select the bet type
  • Finally, enjoy the game and wait to see if your bet wins.
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Tennis Tournaments to Bet on

Wimbledon Championships

This is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The game is played on a grass court, and the tournament has been held in London since the year 1877.

The President’s Cup

Also known as Astana challenger, it is a professional tennis tournament that is played outside on a hard court.

The French Open

Known as Les Internationaux de France de Tennis, this is one of the main tennis tournaments that are held for two weeks in Paris, France.

The Australian Open

The biggest annual tennis betting tournament that is held in January. It is the first of the four grand slam tennis betting events of the year.

United States Open

It is the modern version of the oldest tennis championships from across the globe and is an annual hard-court tennis event.

What to watch out for when making a bet

  • Motivation – e.g. who is good on which ground
  • Fitness – Injuries on players.
  • Playing conditions – surfaces that is being used such as Clay, grass, and hard court.
  • Weather

Tennis Betting Forms

  • Match betting: here you bet on who is going to win.
  • Handicap Betting: Betting on the handicap of the gamers.
  • Set Betting: Betting on the last score.
  • First Set Winner: Betting on who will win the first game.
  • Total Games: Betting on numerous games

Tennis Betting Tips SA

Below are some of the tips that will help you when making a tennis bet

  • Know your players – know the strength of the players and on which grounds they are good at.
  • Fitness levels – check whether the players are injured or not before you bet on them.
  • Playing conditions – check what type of surface the player you choose is excellent at
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Tennis court surfaces:

  • Wood
  • Hard
  • Grass
  • Clay
  • Carpet


Tennis is great sport and loved by many South African citizens.  It is also beneficial playing it as you get to do some exercises while at it. More people should join

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