Horse Race Betting

Horse racing betting is very popular in South Africa and it is taking over SA’s gambling industry.  The sport is easy to play and easy to win. We at South African Casino site have compiled a guide for you to get to know the sport better. Should you be interested in the game you can check out the casino sites list and choose a site that you can register at to start having fun.

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Horse Racing Betting History

Horse Racing in South Africa has a long and rich history traced back to 1797. The first race club meeting took place five years later in 1802.

National Horse Racing Authority is the nation racing body and was previously operated by The Jockey Club of South Africa which was founded in 1882. Racing in SA is controlled by two bodies, namely: Leisure Limited and Gold Circle and Phumelela Gaming.

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How Horse Race betting works

  • Select the kind of a race you would like to play
  • Pick a Trainer/Horse/ Jockey
  • The odds will appear on the side
  • Choose a casino that you will bet with
  • Select your currency (ZAR)
  • Place your bet

Online Casinos for Horse Race Betting


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Horse race betting forms

  • To Win: gamers choose who will win the game
  • Bet: Players get to choose the position that the horse will come in
  • To reveal: players can decide on which racer will be first, last or second.
  • Exacta: opt to bet on two horse and choose whether they will come first or second
  • Quinella: bet on more than two horses to become second or third
  • Trifecta: bet on three horses and choose what position they will be in
  • Superfecta: bet on four horses to finish in positions first to fourth
  • Each Way: Bets that are separated into two

Horse Betting Tips

  • Opt to bet on the dark horse
  • Go for the best three that you think might succeed
  • Check for short or long races as some horses may have been trained for short or long races
  • Look at the horse’s speed and its overall performance
  • It is important to check the weather
  • Do research on horse racing
  • Learn about various payouts


In Conclusion

Horse racing betting is one popular sport betting that players in South Africa and the world love most. Try your luck and see how it goes.

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