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Online Scratch Cards South Africa

Scratch card is a card game with a section where you can scratch to reveal the symbol that shows whether you have won or not. Online scratch cards games are loved by gamblers all over the world including South Africa. We at South African Casino Sites have compiled a guide for players to get to know more about the game. Casinos allow gamblers to play scratch card games for free to get to know the game better and enhance their knowledge. Players can also choose to play for real money which is the most fun because you stand a chance to win a jackpot. Below are the casinos that you can play your favorite scratch card game in South Africa.

Make your own money to stretch further making several plans with your finances. Decide on the amount you want to bet with and stick to that amount. As fun as the game is , it can also be addictive and players will have to know when to stop.

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SA’s Online Scratch Cards Casinos

R25 000
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3.75 of 5
R12 000
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4.25 of 5
R10 000
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R30 000
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4.5 of 5
R5 000
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4.25 of 5
R3 200
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R24 000
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R10 000
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R15 000
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4.25 of 5
R3 000
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History of Scratch Cards

Scratch cards, known as scratch out or scratch off tickets, are new in online gaming. With the short history that scratch cards have, it is has grown to be the most popular online casino games in South Africa. The casino game was established in 1974 by the American PC scientist named John Koza and Daniel Bower. Their first client was the Massachusetts Lottery Commission.

Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards online are played via the internet which is more convenient for SA players. Players can now play their favorite scratch card game using their mobile devices or computer. All a gamer can do is to log on to an online casino or its website, make payments and choose the type of scratch card gambling game they want to play.  Scratch cards are mostly played at online bingo rooms.

Move the mouse over to each section to “scratch” and show the symbols hidden underneath. For quicker results, you can click “Scratch All.” You can also opt for Autoplay to play ten or more scratch cards, with one after the other.

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Online Scratch Card-How to Play

Scratch card is a very straightforward and easy game to play. Here’s how you play the game

  • Select the theme and scratch card you like and suits you best
  • Place you bets
  • Pick a new card to play
  • Scrap the card’s surface by using a mouse or pressing the scratch button
  • If there are matching symbols, you can claim the prize
  • When your symbols don’t match, then you can try again
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Online Scratch Cards Variations

Players can choose which scratch card game suits them best and play it. Below are the types of the scratch card games in SA that players can opt to play. Have a look.

Lotto Scratch Cards

This is by far the most popular game, and they also offer big jackpot winnings. Players are required to scrap off the card to reveal the prize.

Progressive Scratch Cards

There is a precise order that you should match on the card to qualify and to continue to play to win the progressive jackpot.

Scratch Card Online Software

Leading software providers are known to give the best online scratch card games. Here are the software providers that provides online scratch card games in South Africa

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Offers SA players scratch card games such as Lotto Madness and King Kong Scratch.


Offers players scratch card games like a hall of fame and Zodiac.

Real Time Gaming

Also known as RTG, it offers great graphics and excellent payouts.

Online Scratch Card Tips

Even though the scratch card is a game of luck, tips are there to make you feel comfortable when playing the game. Read on

  • Put together a budget and stick to it. This is to help you become responsible when it comes to spending.
  • With the set budget, make sure you select the scratch card game that matches your budget.
  • Playing new games for free always helps you to familiarize yourself with the game before playing for real money.
  • Rather save your winnings than playing more online scratch card games.
  • The most important tip is for players to pay the game for fun and not because they need money.

Online Scratch Card FAQ’s

Should one Play Scratchies Online?
It is entirely up to you. Scratchies are fun to play, and you can even win great prizes.
Which South African casino is safe to play online scratch cards at?
South African casino site has compiled a list of trusted casinos that players can play their favorite scratch card games at. Click here
How does one redeem their Scratch Cards Winnings?
Winnings are promptly recorded and credited to the player’s casino account. All a player can do is to withdraw their money from their account.

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