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Online Poker is a card game that is known to be used as a pass time for South Africans. Whether you are an experienced poker player or a newbie trying to learn the game of poker, South African Casino Site is your one stop shop for all your poker information. Read on to know more about online poker and how to play the game.

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SA Poker History

The history of Poker can be traced back to the 1970s where William Redd, also known as Si Redd came up with the idea of a video poker game. Poker has a long history, and it has since evolved over the years. The inspirations of poker are from other casino games, and card game idea started in 1377.

The first person to record a card game is John Rheinfelden. John made a record of a card game which was played in 1377 with 52 cards. The card’s value was from 1-10.  In the 1800s Poker game became popular, and it has kept on growing in popularity.

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What is online poker?

Online poker is a card game played on the internet. It is a cybernetic version of the popular Video Poker that has been around for years throughout the world. It is founded on a 5-card draw game, where each player is given five cards after they have placed their wager. In the game, players are given a chance to exchange cards with new cards from the deck. To win, the game’s cards should match the winning card combination.

Finding the best online poker casino in SA

Finding the best poker casino to play at in SA should not be a hassle. We at South African Casino Sites have compiled the best online poker casinos in South Africa that players can choose from and start playing. Try the poker casinos on our site and start experiencing great gaming.  You can also enjoy playing other games such as real money pokies. Players can choose to. Play on free mode to enhance their gaming skills and knowledge of the game. Go on and sign up with the casino you like and start having fun!

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Online poker-How to Play

Poker is not a difficult game to play. Both new and experienced players can still play the game and enjoy. Heres how you play online poker

  • On an opening deal, every player gets two cards face down, that are known as poker cards.
  • The first round of betting, gamblers from the left can call a raise, fold or big blind. Gamers that choose big blind have the choice of raising the pot, the money used to bet.
  • Follows the flop. Here the dealer burns the card and plays with three community cards that are face up.
  • The second round of betting, gamblers on the left of the dealer button can choose to check or bet. Once a bet has been made each gambler can select to call, raise or fold.
  • The turn. The dealer burns another card and adds a fourth card face up to the community card.
  • The third round of playing is similar to the second round, with only the size of the bets increasing.
  • The river. Here the dealer is burning another card and adds it to the fifth and last card to the community cards. The fifth card is known as the river card.
  • Last round of betting is more of the second and the third round of the game.
  • The shutdown. Here players use their top five-card combination of their community cards and hole cards. Players left in-game reveal their cards. The player with the highest five wins the poker game and takes the money.

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Poker Tips and Tricks

When there are tips and strategies provided for players, it is wise to take advantage of them. They do help regarding getting to know what to do in the game or when something takes place, what to do. Below are the tips and tricks that players can take a look at and use to their advantage.


Players should make a budget and stick to it; it is not wise to chase losses as you might end up losing all your money.

Bet small

Players should start by betting small and see how it goes before they go big.

Don’t play when tired or under the influence

It is not wise to play poker or any game when you are tired, get proper rest and then play when you are refreshed.

Relax and enjoy

The most important part is to enjoy gaming and managing time as well.

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Online poker terms

To be amongst poker players, you will need to speak the same poker lingo with them. Here are some of the poker terms:

  • Blind: betting placed by players on the left side to the dealer.
  • Button: acrylic disk pointing to the dealer.
  • Call: to place money which is equal to the bet made into the pot.
  • Hole Cards: known as pocket cards are cards that are face down.
  • Juice: money collected by the house.
  • Limit: the minimum or maximum amount of bets allowed in a particular game.

Online Poker FAQs

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