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Basketball Betting SA

Basketball is one of the calmest games to wager on. There are two popular betting options that basketball punter use, the point spread for betting on sides (also known as teams), also an over/under a number. If you know how to wager on soccer, you can know how to place a bet on basketball.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in North America. In fact, it is one of the popular sports in this country. This is a multi-billion industry, and anyone can get in on the action by gambling on the basketball games. Players with basic knowledge of the game stand to make good money while bookmaking on basketball matches.

basketball betting

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Basketball Betting: Bets explained

Money line basketball betting

Money line markets are the most common and easy market for a bettor to understand the cost of a wager. This type of basketball wagering is about placing cash on a certain team that you think will win the game.

Handicap basketball betting

Once you understand how to place a wager on basketball using the money line, then wagering on the handicap becomes a valuable tool when one team is favoured over their rivals. With handicap basketball wagering, to counter the apparent bias in ability, bookmakers offer players a handicap to level the playing field.

Totals basketball betting

Total wagering is a wager on whether the joint points recorded in a game will be scored over or under an estimated number.


Basketball Betting Options

The first step in making any wagers on a basketball game is to understand the different betting options that are available. Most sportsbooks offer a number of options, so making sure you pick the one you want is very important. While we’re not going to list every type of bet, we will give our readers a breakdown of the most popular and important betting options that they’ll encounter.

Points spread

The points spread bet in a basketball match is another way to get who the favourite is. In this bet, the sportsbook basically states something along the lines of Team A +10/ Team B -10. These wagers are designed to inspire players to wager on both sides of the bet.

Proposition Bets & Live Betting

Proposition bets get players to make additional bets for the game. Also known as prop wagers, they allow gamers to place bets on almost any feature of the game. Players can place bets on how many points a specific gamer will score, how many fouls take place.

Live bets are alike; however, they happen during the game itself and they also take place in real time. These are wagers that can place on various aspects during the game, and the odds will change as the game progresses.

Basketball Betting Tips & Tricks

Here are some helpful Betting Tips & Tricks to get started.

Use A Trusted Sportsbook

The most imperative aspect of the game is to make sure that you use the best and most trusted sportsbook. This ensures that you get fair payouts and odds, better promotions and bonuses, a wide range of trusted payment options, mobile betting, and great customer support.

Pay Attention to Prior Results

To place a bet on a specific team, check out their previous results.

Superstar Players Make A Difference

Another key pointer in basketball is if the team you chose has great players. Make sure you choose a team with great players.

Limit Your Bets

We recommend punters not risk more than 10% of your bankroll on a wager, especially when you’re starting off.

basketball tips

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