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Sanath Jayasuriya gets banned from cricket for 2 years

A former Sri Lankan captain Sanath Jayasuriya got a two-year ban from cricket. This is after he had refused to cooperate in an inquiry of corruption in his state’s cricket. The International Cricket Council finished their decision after Jayasuriya admitted to breaking two counts of its anti-corruption code.

Sanath Jayasuriya

Jayasuriya was charged in October last year with refusing or failing to collaborate, obstructing and delaying the inquiry. At that time, he had said that he has “always led with honesty and transparency” in cricket.

“This conviction under the code proves insignificant of members in cricket collaborating with investigations,” said the general manager of the ICC anti-corruption unit, Alex Marshall.

“Convincing participants to work under the code is an important weapon in efforts to rid the sport of corruptors. These laws are vital to uphold the integrity of the sport. The unit tried to rid Sri Lanka cricket of corruption for over a year. And Marshall said amnesty drew 11 gamers to come forward with evidence.

Who is Sanath Jayasuriya?

Jayasuriya assisted Sri Lanka to win the Cricket World Cup in 1996, captained the team to the semi-finals in 2003. He also came back from retirement and helped the team at age 38 reach yet another final in 2007. The allrounder played about 445 one-day internationals and played 110 tests before he retired in 2011. By then he was already a member of parliament. He additionally became the chairman of selectors in 2013 and in 2017 he resigned.

I chose to admit to the said charges for the love of Cricket, also for the better good and to also protect the honesty of the game of Cricket,” Jayasuriya said

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