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Latest South African Gambling Bill Gets Negative Feedback

It looks like it is a bad time to operate an online gambling site in South Africa. With new laws being brought forward, people taking part in the online casino market are more susceptible before the authorities they used to be.


South African Gambling Bill

The new bill has 49 pages and it is still being analyzed by the experts. Judging from the information available, this law causes havoc on all kinds of gambling activities. Online gambling is badly affected in this case. Also, gamblers are affected. Read on to know how.

Before the Bill

Betting was already a contentious subject in South Africa before the bill was introduced. As many world governments, SA officials strained to control the gaming business. As it is thought to have a negative effect on the people of South Africa. South Africa was not the worst country for gamblers. This is because South Africa has about 60 legal gambling amenities that include horse racing tracks and casinos.

Casinos in South Africa

Casinos are a true wonder of the South African tourism revenue. There are whole theme resorts and parks built around them. The number of people coming to gamble on their vacation is massive. Gambling on sports also has a large share of South Africa’s gambling revenue. This comprises of gambling on horse races or on conservative sports at a licensed bookmaker’s. Online gambling, though, was forbidden even before the bill. Maybe the reason to make it unlawful to gamble online is the same motive it is prohibited to buy lottery tickets of another nation.

What the bill changes

The situation is different now. The Gambling Alteration Bill that took 2 years to write meaningfully, now cuts down the rights of all players on the betting market.

The bill presents a whole series of alterations across the National Amendment Act of 2004. Some of these modifications are very hard on the members of the market. For example, dog racing is now illegal, together with betting on it. This move leaves a lot of people jobless.

The Gambling Amendment Bill unifies the power of issuing licenses. While before all licenses for casinos and low-payout machines were settled by local authorities, now it is the National Gambling Board.

The recent criticisms of the bill

An attorney who specializes in gambling, Garron Whitesman, called the bill unrealistic. He comments that it is significantly flawed and is full of ridiculous policies.

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