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High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos South Africa

A high roller is a player that gambles with a large sum of money. High roller casinos cater for players that spend a lot of money when they game at any South African Online Casinos. High rollers do not mind placing bets with a significant amount of money. South African casino sites have compiled a guide on high rollers in South Africa. Check our list below for the best high roller online casinos for ZAR players and start reaping benefits.

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South African High Roller Casinos

  • Yebo casino
  • Thunderbolt casino
  • Springbok casino
  • com

History of High Roller Casinos

South African gambling industry doesn’t have a long standing history to its name, but already high roller casinos have been introduced, and many South African casino players are going for the high roller status.  Being a high roller gets you a lot of advantages such as special treatment. However, there are only a few casinos in SA that cater for high rollers.

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Becoming a High Roller

A high roller is defined by the size of the deposits they make into their casino account and the size of the bets they place. However, you will have to be a frequent gambler to make sure that your high roller status is maintained and to be able to get the benefits of a high roller. Enjoy online casino gaming at top SA online casinos.

Best of high roller casinos 2017

High rollers are having the best of their gaming in SA high roller casinos. The perks that come with being a high roller are great. Check out the following perks that high rollers enjoy

Loyalty Bonus

Within the VIP section, high rollers are offered a lot of great bonuses. High roller players are given exclusive bonuses just by being a member. Some of the bonuses that are offered are anniversary bonuses, birthday bonuses and holiday bonuses.

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Sign up Bonuses

With welcome bonuses, high rollers get a great sign up bonuses that have been specially tailored for them. Mostly the big bonuses are the high bonuses from the big deposits made by high rollers.

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High Roller Games

Games that are given to high rollers are made to have random number generator that gives high wagering limits. Slots for high rollers are large and table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat are bigger than the table games in the regular online casinos.

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Customer Care

Players here get particular attention from the customer support agents. High rollers are labelled the most important players in the casino and are given unique and exclusive attention.

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Money Matters

High roller casinos offer SA players large deposit and withdrawal limits, unlike regular online casinos. Being a high roller makes it possible for a player to be able to access a lot of gambling rewards.

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In Conclusion

High roller casinos are South African online casinos that are made for big spenders. They are casinos that are able to take risk and cater for big spenders and also be able to provide for them. High roller casinos are for players with big pockets, players that are not afraid to lose their money in seconds.

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