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Gambling Laws South Africa

Gambling Law is when you make a bet on a game for money. The National Gambling Board (NGB) is the body that is accountable for overseeing regulations in the gambling industry in the country and to preserve the integrity of South Africa as a responsible global nation.

South African gaming laws have changed since the SA Gambling Act of 1965 was endorsed. The gaming industry has also undergone a couple of changes. The launch of online casinos have added a new element to the gambling industry. The National Gambling Act banned online gaming in South Africa, and the following updated laws of September 2011 explained that online gambling is illegal within South Africa’s borders. However, there are still plenty of SA citizens who love and enjoy the games and services of quality online casinos.

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More on SA Gambling Law

South African online gambling laws are strict on online casinos and do not target players. At South African Casino Sites, we have compiled a list of online casinos that South Africans enjoy playing at. The casinos are reputable and offer players safe and legal online gambling in the Rand currency. Why not try them out and start having fun?

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Top SA Online Casinos

  • Yebo Casino
  • Thunderbolt casino
  • Springbok Casino


Online gambling laws have been under the spotlight as the SA government have tried to revolutionise the legislation to make it relevant in the world that we are living in today.

Types of Gambling in South Africa

Players can choose what they want to gamble on and how much they would like to bet. Below are various types of gambling that SA gamblers can participate in:

Land-Based Casinos

There are about 40 licensed land-based casinos offering slot machines, video poker games and table games in South Africa.

Sports Betting

There are sports betting operators both online and on land within South Africa. They allow players to bet on every main game and league locally and across the world.


SA Lotto is the popular kind of gambling in South Africa regarding the number of players.

Online Gambling

There are licensed online casinos, online sports betting and horse racing sites that are approved by gambling boards from each and every province in SA.

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Legal Online Casinos in South Africa

The laws of September 2011, says no online casino operator can legally offer gambling services in SA. Even so, there is a broad range of operators who still continue to entice players from South Africa. South African Casino Sites has a list of online casinos that are licence and regulated, ensuring that players do not get rigged or robbed off their money. Read some of the other pages on our site to find more about online casinos in SA.

SA New Gambling Law

With regards to new gambling laws, issuing of Internet gaming licences is not done by the provincial governments. The distributing of internet gambling licences in South Africa is done by the National Gambling Board. All levies and taxes that are associated with the industry will be sent to National Gambling Board.

Gambling Law FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions on gambling law in SA. Check them out – maybe you could learn a thing or two.

What is the legal age to participate in Gambling?
In South Africa and many other countries, players need to be 18 and over to qualify to gamble.
Can players transact in Rands at online casinos?
If the site offers secure transmission of the player’s personal data and accepts Rands, then yes you can.
Is internet gambling fair?
If you play at online casinos that are licenced and regulated and also run their games on Random Number Generator, there’s nothing to worry about.
Is it possible to test online gambling sites for free?
Yes it is. Online casinos do offer players free play games as a means of enticing them and also giving them an opportunity to get a feel for the games.
Can one gamble using ZAR?
Yes, it is possible to game using the South African Rand (ZAR). Some casinos accept the ZAR currency.


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