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Cheating a Casino

Since man has created ways to gamble, there are players that have been trying to cheat a casino in order to create a win.  A battle between casinos and gamblers has been created ever since players have tried to cheat their way to win. However, these days it is a big hard for casino players to cheat a casino. At online casinos, it is even harder. Although, you know players will always be players. There are still gamblers that are still working hard to make sure that they can cheat a casino.

cheating a casino

History of Cheating

Cheating at gambling games began in the Wild West, which is where it got popular. People continued to hear countless stories of people accused of cheating a casino.

The most famous events took place in Texas when John Wesley Hardin, a popular gunslinger, decided to play a card game on Christmas Day. The game began well however soon he got into an argument with his challenger, James Bradley. The pair ultimately decided to settle the fight with a duel. Despite Harding’s gun skills, Bradley managed to shoot first.

The Birth of a Casino

As time went by, casinos were also not safe and they also suffered as players were cheating. It only started to became a lot safer as time went by. When casinos started to become legal, that is when things started to change and casinos became more secure. However, most casinos were owned by organized crime. However, the games were fair.


Cheating Today

These days it is hard to cheat a casino compared to before. At brick and mortar casinos, there are cameras everywhere watching every move you make, even the machines that players use to gamble they also have cameras.

For online casinos, it is even more difficult as gamblers will have to be able to hack into the casino’s systems, of which it will require much technical experience and also the casino’s software is extremely difficult to crack.

It is important to make sure that the online casino you decide to play at is tested and licensed by a third-party organization, which will also test the games for fairness.

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