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Casinos Accepting Instadebit

Instadebit is a safe and secure bank transfer method that makes it simpler to make a deposit and withdraw funds. This is a banking method that does not require one to have a specific bank account. Instadebit is a safe and secure method for South African casino players to make payments online using money from their Instadebit wallet account. It does not cost a cent to open an account, you simply sign up. You can go and sign-up and begin transferring funds into your account promptly. You can pay straight from your bank account. Read on for more on Instadebit.nstadebit- (1)

This online banking option is good for the SA gamblers that feel uncomfortable to share their banking details with a gambling site. Users will have to link their bank account to eWallet only. Once they have linked, the player can now begin with their deposits into the casino online through their InstaDebit account. Signing up with InstaDebit is easy.


Instadebit Online Gambling Sites

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How to sign-up for an Instadebit account?

  1. Go to the ‘Cashier’, choose ‘Deposit’.
  2. Choose ‘Instadebit ‘ from the displayed list on the left of the screen.
  3. Put in the amount you want to Deposit, then click on ‘Continue’.
  4. Once you are redirected to Instadebit, click on ‘Create New Account’.
  5. Choose South Africa, then click ‘Continue’.
  6. Then, you will be required to give your personal data. Submit the details and then click ‘Continue’.
  7. Enter Security Information and select a Password. This is required every time you use Instadebit.
  8. Check the box at the footer, to show that you have read and you agree to Instadebit ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’, click ‘Continue’.
  9. Finally, register your Bank Account info, then click ‘Add Account’.
  10. Upon registration/deposit process is successful, you will be sent confirmation of the transaction.

How long does it take to withdraw from Instadebit?

It takes about 3-5 working days for the money to clear through the bank’s network and appear in your account.

Instadebit Advantages

You can use Instadebit to make withdrawals on your casino winnings. however, you will have to log in to the casino’s cashier, select withdraw using Instadebit and enter the amount. Once processed, your money will be deposited into your Instadebit account and you will get notified by email.

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