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Affirmative Growth Trend for the South African Casino Industry

The Casino Association of South Africa (CASA), has released statistics showing an encouraging growth trend in the country’s casino industry. Casino revenues went up by 3.5% in the last year according to CASA. As such, the gross gambling revenue (GGR) from casino scaled to R18.5 million in 2018.

South African Casino Industry

South African Casino Industry Report

The report that was issued by CASA, titled 2018 Survey of Casino Entertainment, exhibited that CASA members’ gross gaming revenues contributed R6.1 billion in proceeds to South Africa’s tax revenue.

CASA warned that certain elements could affect forthcoming numbers, this includes the growth in unemployment and an unpredictable economic environment. Furthermore, CASA also warned about the effects of unlawful gambling activities on the economy and the market.

“With prohibited gambling operations harvesting up with an alarming frequency, the gambling industry has had to adapt to working with unseen competitors. Also advocating for more intensive action to be taken by law enforcement.”- said Themba Ngobese, The CEO of CASA

CASA continuously warns about the lack of enforcement of the South African betting law and said that, as a result, unlawful establishments continue to develop “and they have now turned into entertainment centres.”

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The association also uttered its concerns regarding the proposed changes to the South African gambling legislation and additional legislation that could have a direct influence on the country’s gambling venues.

“The draft Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill. For example is able to see all smoking banned in surrounded public places, this includes the current designated smoking areas,”

South African Casino Industry – Online Gambling

When it comes to online wagering, CASA suggests that the government authorizes the industry. Then “subject it to an effective and credible law-making and regulatory indulgence”. SA casino revenues are set to grow to R30 billion in 2019. The whole gaming industry (sports betting, casino, lottery, bingo) brought in gross betting revenue of R26.3 billion in 2016.

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